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RetroFoam is a 3-part resin that produces a nontoxic, nonflammable and odor-free insulation material. Retro-Foam is the most efficient and cost effective way to re-insulate your home or office. Optimal for replacing your old home insulation or insulating your existing building, RetroFoam foam insulation offers numerous benefits as well as a simple and quick installation process. RetroFoam becomes a lightweight solid unit of foam insulation inside the voids it fills helping keep out air movement unlike loose-fill products or even fiberglass insulation which are not solids and allow for a greater amount of air to move through the insulation.

RetroFoam being lightweight solid foam insulation and having unique qualities also resist moisture and even if it gets damp it continues to hold its R-value and is not susceptible to mold growth. The high R-values and insulation effectiveness achieved by RetroFoam continue year after year.

RetroFoam’s uniqueness is innovative technology that has been created over a period of 35 years of practical experience in the insulation marketplace. The results deliver cost-efficient home insulation solutions to homes worldwide.

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  • Injected Wall Cavity Foam
  • Spray Foam for Rim Joists
  • Air Sealing
  • Attic Insulation
  • Ice Dam Solutions